It’s hard to recommend the right windscreen but we can give sound advise on which one to pick. Windscreen are a personal to each rider and their is not a one size fits all windscreen. People vary in height, torso length, posture, helmet quietness, tolerance for buffeting and other expectations. Wind screen performance varies due to height, width, shape, rake and other design features. Maybe there is a pocket of still air behind a big, wide, tall windscreen you look through. Personally, I refuse to look through a windscreen, especially in the rain, and I want my line of sight to be well above the top of a windscreen if I’m speeding down a dirt road. Thats were the klrdash riser comes to play. It gives the windscreen a better rake or angle to deflect the air and protect the rider. So…

City Riding 100%: Consider a taller windscreen. Try not to order a windscreen that is to tall that you have to look thru it. This will give you a distorted view of the road and is hard to ride in the rain. A good windshield will come up to your nose with the proper angle and deflect the air over your helmet. Thats were the klrdash risers come in.

City &Trail Riding 50/50: Consider a medium height windscreen. Somewhere from shoulder to chin level. This will protect the body from the wind and still give some protection from direct wind to the head.

Trail & City Riding 80/20: Your stock windscreen just may be the ticket for you. With the risers giving a better angle your stock windscreen will offer better protection. obviously your height determines how much protection you will get.

The risers themselves are 3 inches of rise in the back (towards the rider) and 1” in the front (headlight). So it depends on the type of windshield you have to answer your question. The taller the windshield obviously the more rise you get. The windshield will rise up and away from the rider. I have gotten the following measurements with a few different windshields that I have used. Remove your windshield to get the proper measurements. Measure from the top of your instrument panel straight up using the example below.
With risers installed:
Stock Windscreen: 7.5”
Zero Gravity Double Bubble: 9″
Zero Gravity Sport Touring: 12″
California Scientific Touring: 17.5 inches

Yes you can. Any windshield that fits the klr 08 and up will fit the kit. We have seen Cal Scientific installed, Zero Gravity’s stock / double bubble / sport touring and Cee Bailey’s all installed on the klr risers.

Really not necessary just a cosmetic thing and creates a nice pocket to store stuff. You can cut the shield just about even with the top windshield bolts or expansion nuts. This will allow for the dash to fit snug against the windscreen.

I contacted and purchased a ram mount for my gps. Easy to mount with two bolts and easy to remove when your away from the bike. Does require drilling.

The dash is cut using a laser out of aluminum 6061 plate (about 1/8”). I have been through many prototypes trial and errors and found this to work the best.

The upper and lower dash plates and risers are powder coated flat black.

If you do cut your original windshield down, It’s impossible to use nuts and bolts. You will have to use a well nut or (expansion nut), they are the same ones that hold your windshield in place. When ordering there is an option for extra well nuts.

It’s pretty straight forward. When you receive your risers you will notice a that you have a right and left riser each part comes with instruction label on each part. The bottom side of the riser has a rounded edge to it. The rounded portion of the riser is to be mounted to the fairing of the bike left and right. You will notice that what is left over on the fairing is a sharp plastic dagger. Carefully score this with a razor knife and break off or cut off with metal snips. Then clean up the cut with a rasp or file.

Each Windshield manufactures have slightly different angles to their shields. So this requires some finesse to install the windshield. Install the bottom risers to the fairing first and tighten the screws. Then install the upper sections of the risers to the windshield. The trick is to leave all of the upper bolts loose and gently move the risers left and right to line up the holes. After all the screws are in place then tighten each screw while finessing the windshield in place.

Remove the dash bolts on the bike. Then with the new dash bolt in hand take the small washer slide it onto the bolt then the dash plate followed by another washer, then slide on the spacers. Set up both bolts the same and carefully install the dash plate. While holding the whole assembly slide the spacers and bolts into the holes and tighten.