"The first thing I put on my new bike"

Hello Lonny

Just wanted to thank you for an awesome product that makes my new ride more amazing.
This is my 2nd KLR650 and my 2nd klrdash. Your dash is the first thing I put on the new bike.
Here’s some pictures of my ride through Colorado and Moab in September.


Jesse from Temecula, California


"I have to say I love it!!"


I just bought the KLR dash kit (adjustable windscreen risers, inner screen and upper dash) and I have to say I love it!!  While I am 6’3” and the upper adjustment with the ZG sport touring screen does not get all the wind off my helmet, it is 100% better!!!  The upper dash is the bomb as I mounted my garmin nuvi dead center and it is in the perfect position for riding AND keeping an eye on the road / trail!  I also used the two bolts that attach the inner screen to the upper dash to mount my clock and thermometer (one on each side) so those bolts are totally hidden and the whole package just looks great.

Jeff from Alabama


"Not too high, and not too short"

I’m a happy camper! It’s just right for on and off road. I had a CB 22” and went through it one day on the trail. Your set up is perfect. I can keep my head straight up and it hits my forehead with no wobble. I’m 6’ 1” and I can relax and duck a little and be completely behind the air pocket. Not too high, and not too short.

Thanks klrdash, I’m liking it!
Riser kit with light smoke zero gravity sport touring windshield.

KLRSTEW from Pasadena California


"I can relax and duck a little and be completely behind the air pocket"

Here’s the klrdash risers with Zero Gravities Sport Touring Shield. Owner Verle Nelson from Colorado.
I just made what, for me, may be the single most important aftermarket change to this KLR650 yet. To understand that you would have to know how important it is to me to have what I consider adequate wind and bug protection and how frustrated I’ve been over years of buying aftermarket windscreens. For this KLR, I knew the angle was wrong for extending the windscreen and I found a solution at KLRDASH.COM
Risers with light smoke zero gravity sport touring windshield. RIP Verle

Verle Nelson, Colorado